1. Does the book work in any state?

Yes.   Despite each state having its own specific requirements and application, there is a commonality to all of them.    Each state has created a regulatory scheme to insure that medical cannabis is only sold to registered patients, and that the dispensary and cultivation facility is designed, built and operated under best policy practices.    I have written the book to insure that no matter what state you’re applying in, all of the specific questions regarding operations are answered and can be tailored state by state.

2. If my state requires the organization to be set up as a not for profit, is there anyone to recoup my investment?

Yes.  The book describes the “shadow management” company each operation must set up to help both finance and use to obtain the maximum return from their investment.   It is best to consult with a local lawyer for this document, because every state has different requirements for not for profit companies, and interdealings between related companies.

3. Can I use the material in my book for my application?

Yes.   The material in the book is copyrighted, but we allow purchasers of the book to extract information for use in their respective state’s applications.    We recommend using your own words and paraphrasing ours, as there may be more than one applicant in your state utilizing the book, and it would appear that the application was plagiarized in the event you copied it word for word.

4. What sort of manuals or guides are part of the book?

Within the book, there are:

  1. Sample LLC Operating Agreement
  2. Medical Marijuana Business Plan
  3. Dispensary Operations Manual
  4. Cultivation Facility Design Manual
  5. Cultivation Facility Operations Manual
  6. Edibles and Byproduct Manufacturing Guide
  7. 1 Intellectual Property License
  8. Security Planning Guide
  9. Employee Handbook with job descriptions
  10. Compliance Checklist Guide
  11. How to take your company public guide

5. If I have a question after reading the book, can I email the author for some advice?

Of course!   The author is happy to answer any questions, but the answers are limited to the specific of what is necessary.   For example, the author will not write an email containing an adapted business plan for a reader.    The author’s email address is:   [email protected]

6. I’ve read through the book and my state’s application, and it seems a bit daunting. Can I hire your firm to complete my state’s application?

Yes.  Our firm handles medical and recreational cannabis state applications for a number of clients.

7. Does the book have job descriptions for cannabis related employees?

Yes.   The book describes jobs, also has a flow chart of reporting requirements, and details what is expected from each employee.    The employee handbook covers most of the material mandated by states for employee’s rights, such as break time, leave of absence requirements, etc.

8. I have an edibles company that I would like to expand into different states. I know it’s against federal law to ship the product over state lines, so how can I overcome this legal hurdle?

Within the book is a licensing agreement that will allow you to license recipes and formulas while controlling the product’s quality.   These sort of documents are referred to as “IP” (intellectual property) licensing.

9. Is there anything in the book about preparing a budget for a financial plan?

The book walks through the components of building a dispensary and cultivation center, and also provides pro forma statements to be used in a business plan.

10. Is there a business plan in the book that I can use to help attract investors?

The book contains a full business plan that can be modified to work in attracting investors and will provide significant detail about the operation.