The Marijuana Licensing Seminar

Dispensary • Cultivation • Processing

Are you thinking about applying for a state license for a dispensary, cultivation facility, manufacturing or processing plant, or an edibles facility?

Let the man who wrote the book teach you all of the secrets of the grading process, and how to put together a bullet proof application that will score the highest!

What are the metrics that regulators use to grade applications? Let me teach you how to use them to your advantage.  You’ll learn the tricks, traps, scoring metrics and how to present yourself and your company as the best choice.  Every question you answer has some special significance, and there are certain phrases and terms that will score you the maximum points if you know what they are.

All attendees walk away with our 400 page guide on answers to every question you’ll encounter on any application!

Conference Dates

Columbus, Ohio – 10/4
Cleveland, Ohio – 10/11
Detroit, Michigan – 10/18
Cincinnati, Ohio – 10/25
Lansing, Michigan – 11/2
Ann Arbor, Michigan – 11/30
Charleston W. VA – 12/7